Feel Astounding Atmosphere

  • Share your knowledge to empower others

    If you are a passionate leader, join our Fusion Meetups and
    Boot Camps to encourage others to do, learn and
    achieve more. Be the inspiration and the aspiration!

  • Win and cheer

    Do you enjoy the thrill of victory? Can’t live without competition and sport? You seem to be our next champion of an annual Astoundiada or a football tournament.

  • Work smart, party hard

    High performance is a sequence of work&enternainment
    balance. We like parties, never miss holidays and always
    celebrate our success together.

Enjoy Your Astounding Journey

Healthy and active lifestyle

Let us take care of your well-being. Benefit from the insurance program for you and your family. Enjoy your favorite sports and regularly refuel with fruit and healthy snacks. Stay vitaminized and energized!

Continuous improvement

Your professional growth is our priority. Enhance your expertise and acquire a great number of skills by investing time in your continuous development. Trainings, professional certifications and coaching programs are aimed to develop your talents and advance your career. Unlock your potential!

Work-life balance

Feel free to manage your time the way you like. We provide a comfortable and productive work environment. There is no 9-to-5 schedule or strict time off policies. Work smarter not harder!

Well-established processes

You will be a part of a global team with democratic culture, ambitious goals and best workflow practices based on years of experience. We encourage your independent decision making, value genuine curiosity and believe in your exceptional capability!

TechnologiesLearn more about Technologies


Delivering great solutions
by applying a unique approach of
development to each of the products.

High Perfomance

Our products handle 160k+
orders per day operating in
150+ countries worldwide.

Leading ecommerce

Working with: Salesforce
Commerce Cloud, Magento,
SAP Customer Experience etc.

Popular technology

Modern programming
languages and frameworks for
the most sophisticated solutions.

Our clients are game-changers.


We are a global company with

a direct presence in 10 countries

around the world.

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