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2020 has changed the way we work

November 24, 2020
2020 has changed the way we work

It is now clear that COVID-19 is going to impact our lives for longer than initially expected. So, companies worldwide are now adjusting their operations accordingly. Some are going fully remote, some are asking their employees to work at the office again, and some come up with a compromise or mixed approach.

Working preferences of our team members

Global researches show that after health concerns, the majority of employees are most worried they will have to return to the old way of working — fixed hours at the office, and almost half prefers to work from home 2-3 days a week in the future.

We’ve decided to find out how Astounders are feeling about going back to the office and conducted a questionnaire. The results showed that almost 35% of the team would like to work from home full time, around 30%want to work from the office full time, and 33% prefer working from the office part-time. 2% are those who had been working remotely before the quarantine and will stay on the remote mode.

The new ‘Working Modes’ approach

The key focus of Astound Commerce has always been its people. We strive to create a safe and comfortable working environment for everyone, taking into account our team’s preferences and needs. Thus, based on the questionnaire results, we developed an approach with three working modes. Each mode has its own specifics, rules and benefits, and every team member can choose the one that will help him or her stay on top of their productivity.

The full-time Work from the Office (WFO) mode is for those, who due to personal or business reasons, have to work from the office. These team members are expected to work from the office 100% of the time with the exception of WFH days and absences.

Colleagues who have chosen the Remote mode, will be working from home most of the time with an opportunity to occasionally book a workplace at the office.

And those team members who picked the Flexible Working Mode, will be expected to work from the office 2 days a week on average. There is also an opportunity to switch to another mode.

‘Closing the office’ procedure

But that’s not all there is to this new flexible approach. Our team’s health and safety is the highest priority for us. So, while letting some of our colleagues work at the office, we understand that there is a risk a team member might get infected with COVID-19. So, we’ve developed a quick reaction procedure — of closing the office for disinfection for 3 days, swiftly informing all the team members who might have contacted the infected person, and recommending that they work from home for a few days. We hope to mitigate further risks of infection in this way.

We also understand that in case of another government lockdown in any location, we will be forced to close the offices and move everyone to the remote mode once again.

Being adaptable

We can only assume when the pandemic will end. So for now, we are going to have the working modes approach in place, adjust it if necessary, and try to be as adaptable to the situation as possible, with our team’s needs, health and safety in mind.

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