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Astound Commerce, a brand of a vast cultural and professional diversity, opened an office in Ahmedabad, India around a year ago. The office, being located at the business landmark – Mondeal Heights, gives an advantage to all of the employees to the main urban and commercial hotspots of the city. The office soon became an environment of both personal and professional advancement to all the members of the Ahmedabad team.

‘’Most IT companies trust India for their outsource expansion, happening both due to large talent pools and extensive experience in technology on the market’’ states Deep Vora, Director & Senior Solution Architect at Astound Commerce Ahmedabad.


With an ongoing ambition for growth, the Ahmedabad team currently has a strong arsenal of specialists. Ranging from Web Developers to Solution Architects, the team actively expands their expertise by welcoming new members and conducting training and certification activities.

  • More than 15 team members since the opening in December, 2019;
  • Web Developers, Solution Architects,  Salesforce Developers, Human Resource & Recruitment Specialist;
  • Nearly 15 specialists certified by Salesforce.

The members of Astound Commerce work daily on projects of various industries. From fashion (Louis Vuitton), sport (Adidas), foods and beverages (Golden GooseM&Ms), cosmetics (L’Oréal) to pharmaceuticals (Allergan); the wide range of opportunities allow our team members to work with technologies and solutions they are truly passionate about. With more than 20 projects based on the SFCC platform under their belt, Ahmedabad team continues to contribute to the global success and progress of the company.

  • Working with Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) platform;
  • Using JavaScript (JS) technology;
  • Strong Quality Assurance (QA) team.

BoggiCalvin KleinPumaToms and many others are among those 1000+ satisfied clients of Astound Commerce.

All projects and initiatives are successfully delivered under a prolific use of Astound Way Solution Framework (AWSF), developed and sharpened by our Project Management Office (PMO). AWSF is a combination of multiple Solution Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and different process models. This system allows us to match the diverse needs of our clients by combining SDLCs with the supporting Process Models, ensuring projects of various complexity are delivered optimally and on time. Consequently, everything is well set up in the company and every employee is confident about their job, understanding all stages of solution development and their role in the final result.


The employees of Astound Commerce in Ahmedabad value a cooperation with a team of diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. The company stretches its geographical extent through several continents, in 12 different countries, focusing on clients around the globe.

  • Europe (Ukraine, Bulgaria, Germany, Slovakia, UK and Italy)
  • Asia (Turkey, India, UAE)
  • North & South America (USA, Canada, Colombia)

With more than 1200 employees company-wide, everyone has something to learn and teach; in Astound Commerceteamwork based on integrity, respect and passion will always result in shared success. People in the team managed to advance their expertise due to active collaboration and open knowledge-sharing practices.

I work with a lot of people from different cultures and having seen from what angles my colleagues look at tasks, I started thinking in a wider spectrum. My way of approaching the problem has improved and I can think of a lot of scenarios now.” tells us Deep Vora, Director & Senior Solution Architect at Astound Commerce Ahmedabad.

Opening a little more than a year ago, the Ahmedabad Team managed to start their work even during the restricting pandemic.

‘’As much as it generally is challenging to establish a strong sense of community and cooperation during the pandemic, Astound Commerce showed genuine interest and support in our wellbeing, resulting in a successful teamwork.’’ Juhi Trivedi, Web Developer at Astound Commerce Ahmedabad.

With a strong sense of community and responsibility, alongside a foundation based on a mutual vision, the team manages to persevere through the challenges. Establishing a strong team during the lockdown and remote cooperation stands as a strong example.

‘’It certainly enhances your career prospects when you cooperate with people of such vast and diverse experiences as the ones in Astound Commerce,’’ notes down Udit Shastri, Web Developer at Astound Commerce Ahmedabad.

And with the flexible schedule, anyone at Astound can work from anywhere, at any time. Most employees enjoy their hobbies effortlessly. Taking a walk during a sunny day, enjoying a breakfast at a cafe or at a picnic, all is possible if the job expectations are met. Take a look at our Instagram page to get some insider information.

‘’With Astound, I can create a schedule most suitable for my personal and professional needs. This flexibility allows me to balance work and life very well, sometimes I’m even surprised how many things I can get done during the day!” states Juhi Trivedi, Web Developer at Astound Commerce Ahmedabad.


The company management and leadership encourage their employees to advance their skills, and through Astound Academy various training programmes and activities are conducted. Most of our employees are SFCC certified developers, ensuring high-quality project and product development and delivery.

The online Astound Talks | SFCC Community Webinar conducted a few months back, was a knowledge sharing event for the external audience. It is aimed to unite the community of SFCC experts – Developers and Architects – who are interested in the industry-leading cloud platform. As Astound Commerce has a fairly long history of cooperation and partnership with Salesforce Company (15+ years of SFCC experience, Master and Platinum statuses, 400+ SFCC sites launched), such webinars are one more opportunity for knowledge exchange and meeting top-notch experts. Astound Commerce frequently conducts training sessions, which allow other IT enthusiasts to become specialists, giving them an opportunity to join our team.

Astound Commerce cares about the professional growth of its employees; The leadership establishes a set of goals each six months both for the team and independently for each member. Keeping such a progress system in mind, and with a good lead and guidance, the team members manage to reach their full potential at Astound.

The performance review and promotion process in Astound Commerce is a good opportunity to dive deeper into concepts of JS & SFCC, and a cross-cultural exchange on these technologies helps to broaden one’s horizon.” mentions Udit Shastri, who got promoted from a Middle, to a Senior Web Developer.

The company also excels at personal advancement, through active cooperation between the team members, who are ready to assist each other and share useful experiences to benefit the work process and progress.

Aside from conducting training and capacity-building events, the team also often enjoys teambuilding and entertaining programmes, such as online Zumba Dance Classes, and self-development trainings, such as Theoretical & Practical Sessions of Health and Fitness.


With more than 1000 B2B, B2C & B2B2C clients company-wideAstound Commerce strives towards further achievements. And the team of Ahmedabad became an indispensable part of that goal.

The team currently welcomes new members to join their ranks. An opportunity for all to progress in both soft and hard skills, alongside advance in their career prospects.

‘’The working culture Astound Commerce offers, yields great benefits for both personal and professional growth,’’ states Ronak Pandya, who serves as an HR and Recruitment Specialist at Astound Commerce Ahmedabad for a couple of years.

If you would like to take the next big step in your career, apply to Astound Commerce’s open positionsJoin a global brand from Ahmedabad, India. You can be the next driving force of a positive change in our success.

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