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Astound Talks | Juniors’ Meetup: 9 steps to QA Engineer profession

Aug 03, 2021 / 5:30 pm
Astound Talks | Juniors’ Meetup: 9 steps to QA Engineer profession

Want to get insights into the QA Boot Camp program and start your IT career as QA Engineer? Join the webinar Astound Talks | Juniors’ Meetup: 9 steps to QA Engineer profession, held on August 3rd.

What to expect from a webinar?

Together with the experts we will discuss 9 steps to prepare yourself to start a career in QA and will bust the myths and stereotypes about the QA profession.

More so, among the speakers of the webinar, will be ex-boot campers, who are now working as Junior QA engineers in Astound Commerce.

Get your questions ready and prepare to take notes!

The speakers have a prepared list of recommendations and materials, and some stories from previous boot camps to share. That’s gonna be interesting!

Register for the webinar, get useful insights, and join our training program for solution quality testers — QA Boot Camp.
Now we have 194 QA engineers working in Astound Commerce. Over the years we`ve had 11 study groups of Junior QA Boot Сamps, where we taught our future colleagues.

Aleksandra Kovalyova
QA Training Lead

She has over 10 years of experience in QA and about 6 years in Learning & Development Management.

As an education ambassador, Alexandra has worked with different sides of L&D Management in IT companies for the past 5 years. From Testing expert and QA Lead to Managing Director of IT Training Center – experience allows her to gain and share the best training practices.

Sebastian Castilio
Senior QA Engineer

He’s well experienced in projects, including testing procedures for ecommerce, mobile applications, ERP, CRM, and MW on STB.

By the way, Sebastian isn’t only a good team leader, but also a good team player. It should be noted that the purpose of the training is to share the information and knowledge about the best practices of the requirements analysis, theoretical aspects, and practical cases of applying test design techniques.

Manuela Duque
QA Engineer

Manuela is a professional in the field of International Business with academic emphasis headed to international relations, consumer analysis, and international commerce. She also has experience in managing communication with clients across different countries.

Besides, Manuela is a passionate QA Engineer with 1.5+ years of experience in software testing for both development and support projects.

Santiago Ramirez
QA Engineer

He graduated from the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, experienced in Telecommunications.

Santiago is now a QA Engineer with over a year and a half of experience in both development and support projects. He was a participant in Colombia’s QA Boot Camp and received ISTQB certification.


Aug 03, 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

The webinar will be useful for junior QA engineers and those who already have practical experience in IT.

Spanish, English
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