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Astound Commerce, a leading digital commerce specialist, opened a few new offices around Europe and Asia back in 2019. Izmir, Turkey, was one of the selected locations due to its high potential in the field of technology.

With more than 3,000 successful projects for world-renowned brands such as Adidas, Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal, Puma, Ray-Ban, Neutrogena, and many more, Astound is determined to provide exemplary ecommerce solutions and customer-driven experiences for clients around the world. And with the İzmir Team’s contribution, the company upholds these goals.

Continue reading the following article to discover more details about Astound Commerce and it’s team in İzmir.

The initiative to open a new office in İzmir was brought up by the first employee of the Turkish team, Ozan Kulahci, who believed the company would derive benefits from building a strong team in this location.

“İzmir has much potential to explore in the field of technology. An international company, such as Astound Commerce, which functions on a world-class basis and aims to achieve the highest standards, could profit from a location with such high talent pools,” Ozan shares his thoughts. Doing what he loves at Astound, building complex and challenging ecommerce solutions, he knew there were more people in his hometown who shared this passion, which drove his initiative to open an office in Izmir.

Opening an office on the edge of the pandemic’s beginning proved troublesome. Safety measures had to be taken into consideration and the newly opened office was closed till further notice. However, with determination, the team of six Astounders continued working remotely. In the course of a year, the izmir Team already brought five big projects to a success; three with international fashion retailers—Boohoo, Accessorize, and Monsoon, and one with Halfords—a global retail store of hiking and vehicle equipment. “All of these projects were greatly enjoyable, as they required different approaches and allowed us to work with new technologies and people across the globe,” notes Ozan, “however, the first project was the biggest one for our team“.

The first and the biggest project came from Al-Futtaim, a large multi-industry company. Through this project, the izmir team undertook the challenge of collaborating with diverse, global brands, such as Toys“R”Us, M&S, Kiabi, ACE, and Homeworks. This experience allowed the team to work with cutting-edge technologies and build solutions for people of very different interests and cultures. “This was something that they’ve worked on the longest, but it was a rewarding experience, as working on a multicultural project helps the expansion of one’s perspective and skill,” Ozan tells us.

Astound works with a variety of platforms, however, most of the projects mentioned above were built with Salesforce; as Astound is a close partner of the company, with more than 15 years of Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) experience, Master and Platinum statuses and over 400 SFCC sites launched, Astound’s developers are known to build supreme solutions on SFCC. Many of our developers have already received SFCC certification, and the company continues to encourage others within the team to receive it too. Halil Can Ozcelik, Web Developer of the izmir team states, “it is a very important opportunity for my self-development, which the company provides, that I am able to apply for the SFCC Developer certification. And best of all––I know that I’ll have the necessary support from my management to do so.“

“At Astound, we help people grow and make sure everyone’s contribution and efforts are rewarded. It is important for us to see our employees interested and engaged in what they’re doing, alongside feeling appreciated for their efforts. Keeping the motivation levels high––that’s our secret to success! We have several implemented processes that help people advance further and gain the recognition they’ve earned,” notes Burcu Cosgun, an HR Specialist and Office Administrator of Astound Commerce in İzmir. One example of such processes would be our promotional process, which allows Astound’s team members to apply for promotion once they feel ready. After undergoing some technical and practical examinations, the request and performance are reviewed by management, and once approved—the person receives a promotion. The other process is the semi-annual performance review. This one automatically applies to every employee, every six months their performance and compensation are up for review, and in an earned case—they receive a promotion.

These processes are set in place to make sure all Astound employees receive the recognition and appreciation they deserve. And thanks to the collaborative culture of Astound, no challenge feels insurmountable. “The working process and culture at Astound Commerce is extremely professional and well-designed; the people are always here to help and support you when needed, you never feel alone when facing a challenge,” says Halil, “I also love working in a multicultural environment, communicating with people across the globe, who always have a lot of interesting insights and tips to share; that’s an advantage!“

“I’ve been working at Astound Commerce for three years now, started as a Senior Developer and became a web development lead, alongside a country manager, thanks to the supportive atmosphere and growth opportunities Astound provides. Till this day I am noticing the advancement of both my soft and hard skills on a daily basis. I find challenging projects more and more exciting; finding solutions to certain problems with collaborative and supportive people feels like an achievement both for me, and the team. This is what drives us all here at İzmir Team towards further development and achievements,” states Ozan Kulahci.

As the world is slowly but steadily recovering from the pandemic, Astound Commerce in Izmir has planned for 20 people to join their core team. Those 20 Astounders shall be teaching, coaching, and supporting newcomers, which are intended to be around 100 people in the years to come.

“At the Izmir office, we are experiencing the excitement of growing, despite the pandemic. Currently, we are considering opening our second office as we aim to recruit more people to join our team and share the passion of working on complex, yet exciting ecommerce solutions for the brands worldwide. I’d say that the main reason we never lack motivation is the way Astound Commerce makes every team member feel valued for their efforts and provides support for continuous personal and professional development. As an HR professional, it is great to feel a part of such a company and be able to directly contribute to the motivation and welfare of our team members,” notes Burcu.

Baris Dirim recently joined the team as a talent acquisition specialist, “It was very nice to feel trusted right from the beginning and receive the support needed for a productive onboarding. Without any strong supervision, I am able to work independently and feel welcome to express my thoughts and opinions; the environment allows anyone at Astound to freely express their ideas and contribute to any processes, be it a work structure, salary, or anything else. It is very evident that people here feel valued and respected,” he shares his first impression.

Astound Commerce is a leader in the field of ecommerce with over 20 years of experience, achievements, and teams across the continents of Europe, Asia, and North and South America, all actively collaborating and building ambitious solutions for worldwide brands. We have an objective and work towards becoming the world’s leading digital commerce services and solutions brand.

If you see yourself in this company, working with the Izmir Team and others across the globe, wanting to achieve new heights in your career and advance your skills to a cutting-edge level, head over to our site and apply for a position you’re interested in.

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