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QA Boot Camp in Medellín | IT Opportunity of a Lifetime

August 9, 2021
QA Boot Camp in Medellín | IT Opportunity of a Lifetime

Boot Camps (BC) are extensive training programs conducted by Astound Commerce (AC) since 2014. It is a unique opportunity for all interested individuals to step into the world of IT with a leading, global ecommerce expert.

“This program is designed for people who are in the search of professional growth within the industry of IT. Our inclusive approach allows people even with little to no technical or theoretical QA knowledge to join.” — Natalia Saglam, QA BC Trainer in Colombia, 2019

The program consists of theoretical and practical training sessions over three months. Our Boot Camps are constantly being fine-tuned and developed to make sure they optimally deliver a maximum amount of information under a minimum amount of time. The program is not only for those who seek an opportunity to join Astound Commerce, but also for those who want to develop their soft and hard skills, and overall expertise in quality assurance (QA). Upon the program’s completion, you’ll have the basic skillset to join any IT company and begin your career as a QA Specialist.

The Boot Camps are conducted in an open knowledge-sharing setting, trainers make sure the trainees receive everything necessary to comfortably share their thoughts and ask questions, resulting in a better learning experience.

“The past Medellin QA Boot Camp was an opportunity for me to share my passion for my profession and teach to all the trainees the reason for my work and the importance of testing in any field. We’ve always tried to keep a collaborative environment among all the trainees, because we are stronger together.” — Karla Palomino, QA BC Trainer in Colombia, 2019

The first digital Boot Camp in Colombia had a structure built well for a digital platform, ensuring clear communication and information delivery. The digital Boot Camps are more focused on practice, than theory. With every Boot Camp, our trainers utilize the feedback of the trainees to improve the program and ensure its up-to-date practices. All of the materials are being recorded and later provided to the trainees for an on-demand view.

But why choose Astound Commerce? We provide a lot of branches and opportunities for professional growth. We offer flexibility in terms of horizontal growth, allowing you to try different tasks and see what suits your skills the most. 

You can start in a Boot Camp with QA and grow inside the company from a manual QA to a test automation engineer, or go from a functional QA engineer to a performance tester. Yet if the QA department won’t seem fulfilling, you’ll be able to switch to the development department and become a front-end or a back-end developer and grow to a solution architect. Working with world-renowned brands allows you to test and grow your skills in challenging projects; it often feels like there is no end to self-improvement while working here. This is why I love Astound. I’ve relocated to Turkey recently, as the company gave me an opportunity to remotely work from different countries. I’ve been working at Astound for 9 years and all seems very personalized towards me, the company allows you to grow the way you would like to, till this day there seems no end to my development with Astound,” shares Natalia.

Here are some of the impressions from our former trainees:

During the program, we got to know the trainers and trainees in a very friendly setting. We were a good group of trainees––alert, enthusiastic, and ready to learn. The coaches were amazing, with very strong QA skills and very good teaching qualities. Most importantly, they transmitted their love for the profession to us, thus, we acquired the passion for work as QA Engineers and as part of the truly Astounding team.” — Juan Cardona, QA Engineer at Astound Commerce

From the beginning I felt that the company was very welcoming. The setting of learning with people of different backgrounds and expertise was amazing, and the trainings were really good. It was at all times very organized and prepared, the trainers were always incredibly helpful. The program allowed me to get into a field that I had some interest in, yet absolutely no background or experience; thus, it was a great learning opportunity which evolved into an amazing career path.” — Santiago Ramirez, QA Engineer at Astound Commerce

It was an internal, enriching journey to discover who I was and what I enjoy doing. All the sessions were practical, focusing on the real life of a QA Specialist. The quality of trainings and the supportive attitude of the coaches was invaluable; I think it’s a unique opportunity for those who are looking for a change in their lives, who want to keep learning, because being a QA Specialist is an adventure. It allows the students to change their lives and get the job of their dreams, which is what happened to me and can happen to anyone too.” — Manuela Duque, QA Engineer at Astound Commerce

Being part of this company is a constant motivational process, being surrounded and working with amazing people around the world is enough motivation for me to keep growing and improving constantly; not like a race, where you want to win over others, but like a boat, where everyone is paddling in the same direction. Astound was the right answer to my questions. To anyone, who enjoys learning something new and is open to new possibilities – there is no better opportunity. At worst––it’s free knowledge. At best? You will change your life.” — Dixon Labarrera, QA Engineer at Astound Commerce

As most businesses expand their reach into different countries through digital commerce, the world undergoes an overwhelming growth of ecommerce platforms. Astound Commerce wants to make sure all of the participants of the Boot Camps receive knowledge relevant to the most innovative technologies and complex demands clients around the world might have. 

In the course of 7 years, Astound Commerce has already educated around 400 young professionals and hired nearly 200 into the company. Are you the next one to join?

Work with our experts and specialists on projects for world-renowned brands. Apply till 15.08 via the link right here.

What do we require from an applicant?

  • Intermediate English or higher
  • Logical mindset and strong analytical skills
  • Out of the box mindset (creativity)
  • Attention to details and focus on the quality of work
  • Self-motivated person, fast learner

Would be an advantage to have:

  • Basic knowledge in web technologies
  • Theoretical knowledge in software testing

The program will go from September till December of 2021. And best of all? Participation is completely free of any charge, we only need dedication!

Do you want to become part of our team?

Check our open vacancies
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